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If Century 21 manages my property will I lose control of it?

No, we listen to your instructions at all times. We will keep you updated on all aspects of your investment and respond to your guidelines.

How do you know how much to rent my property for?

At Century 21 Everest we have all the tools to do a market comparison. We use our resources to compare actual rental rates for properties similar to your investment and located in the same area. We collect data to formulate a rental rate that will attract quality tenants.

How long does it take to fill the vacancy?

Our goal at Century 21 is to fill a vacancy as fast as possible. We advertise your property to the largest available rental markets. Using methods like rental lists, high trafficking websites, such as www.hotpads.com, www.realtor.com and more and use tradition yard signs to captive those who pass by.

Do you screen prospective tenants?

Yes, we take great care in thoroughly screening all potential renters. Applicants must pass all application criteria in order to be considered as a resident for your property. Extensive background checks, credit checks, employment verification and more are done to make sure only the best quality tenants are being selected.

What happens if something were to break in my property?

A well maintained property will help increase the value of your property. You will be notified if any maintenance problems come up and at your request we will begin repairs. Century 21 has a list of professional vendors and contractors that will help settle the problem right away. Only the best quality work for the best price will be provided. The tenants will be shown what needs to be repaired, and only once approved will we continue with the work.

What happens if a tenant does not pay or is late?

We are strict enforcers of our lease agreements. If a tenant pays rent late they will be charged a late fee and must quickly make payment arrangements after the late notice has been sent. If the tenant continues to neglect their rent payment then we will proceed to the eviction process, so you don’t have to.

What measures do you take to make sure my property is being taken care of?

At the owner request we can do a drive by of your property as often as your would like. Generally speaking we do a move-in and move-out inspection to make sure the property has been properly maintained and no changes have occurred.

What process must a tenant go through to be released from their lease?

A detailed checkout inspection is done to determine the condition of the property. If the tenant passes the inspections and there are no damages done he/she can be released from the lease agreement and their security deposit will be returned.

What is the application fee used for?

An application fee is collected from awaiting tenants. This fee goes towards background and credit check to check if the applicant follows the application criteria. Once the checks are ran there is no refund for these fees.

What happens if there is a middle of the night call?

Any middle of the night calls whether, they are emergency or non-emergency calls will be handled by our team at Century 21.