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Property Management For Wasatch Front Home Owners

Finding Tenants:

We have access to the entire rental market through our long-standing presence in the Utah real estate and rental marketplace; as well as through our state of the art internet marketing. 

Through our membership in the local board of realtors and the Multiple Listing Service, our vacancy listings get widespread coverage. We stay well-informed on current rental market conditions, empowering us to rent your property at the best rates. 

Screening Tenants:

Successful renting of property depends greatly on the quality of the tenants. We have set up time-tested methods for finding the best tenants through screening and lease formats help us select renters who meet our standards.

 We do a thorough credit check, verifying employment, references and past landlords. 

Through use of proper legal documents such as lease agreements, late notices, deposit forms, etc., we provide you protection in the renting of your property. 

Maintenance of the Property:

Owners will be notified of any maintenance problems that come up as per the management contract.  At Owner request we can have well qualified, reasonably price Contractors provide bids on any work need to be preformed. We will oversee all work being preformed by the Contractors and keep Owner informed of the process of the work being done.  Invoices will be provided along with all of the accounting on the monthly Cash flow Statement.


We do all the accounting work for you using the latest property management software, and we keep accurate accounts of all income and expenses that impact your property. 

You get complete monthly statements from us, easing tax preparation for you and your accountant. You also receive copies of all work orders and receipts. 

Help in updating your real estate investment portfolio is available as well.

Collecting Rent:

Rent monies are due on a monthly basis; late notices follow at regular intervals. Steps to remove tenants are activated if a tenant does not quickly make payment arrangements after late notices have been sent. 

If an eviction becomes necessary at any time, we handle that procedure for the owner.

Management Costs:

Monthly management fees are due when the rent payments are received. We have very competitive rates. 


Each time a tenant plans to leave one of the properties that we manage, a thorough checkout inspection is done first to determine the condition of the property. Only when the tenant has passed inspection is he/she released from the lease agreement and the security deposit returned. 


Occasional inspections can be preformed upon Owner request.  Full report will be provided to Owner as well as Tenant on any issues that may be present on exterior or interior of the property. 


We provide complete documentation regarding tenants, as well as owner-property management obligations and responsibilities. These include:

  •   Property Management Contract, outlining in detail the agreement between property owners and our management company. 

  •   Rental Application, used for screening and previous rental reference checking of potential tenants.

  •   Lease Agreement, listing tenant responsibilities and management company and owner requirements. 

When a tenant fails to pay rent or otherwise violates the lease agreement, management delivers an official Notice to Vacate or warned to take immediate corrective action.

Monthly statement to owners with summaries of all accounting actions, which accompanies payment checks to the owner.