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Property Management For Wasatch Front Renters

We can help you locate a rental home anywhere along the Wasatch Front and save you time and money. We can search and locate properties for you, and show you the homes that meet the criteria you are looking for. 

  • A pre-leasing consultation designed to reduce the time you spend looking for properties to lease by determining the type of property areas and amenities you want in the price range you can afford. 


  • Pre-selected properties to show you based on the consultation


  • Represent you in the negotiation of the lease agreement 

Home for Rent

The tenant application criteria:

Applicant Identification: All applicants must provide current and valid photo ID when interested in applying.

Proof of employment:

Applicants must have evidence of employment. When checking employment history prospective tenants should have at least 6 months with current employer and/or six months with previous employer. If expected tenants are recent graduates, proof of enrolment or graduation is necessary. In the case of self-employment, applicants are required to show a CPA-prepared financial statement, personal bank statements and most recent years tax return.


A valid source of income is required in oder to be considered. Applicants must have at least three times the monthly rental rate. If not, they must have a cosigner and/or savings account statement with a balance equal to 24 months rental payments.

Previous Rent:

Contact with the previous landlord is carried out and two year rental history verification is conducted. If the prospective tenant had any previous evictions, disobeyed the lease agreement, late rental payments, or outstanding balances payable to the previous landlord their application will not be accepted.

Credit History:

A credit report is required from a credit reporting agency. The credit report must show that all account are current and you have never filed for bankruptcy within the past 18 months.

Criminal History:

We will administer a background check on all applicant. Applicants must reveal any prior arrests, convictions or imminent criminal charges. If you fail to disclose any information chances for denial are large. Arrests or pending criminal charges are not automatic denial but it can be a factor when used with other criteria. Management will consider the nature of the crime, as well as the time that has passed since the crime, prison, parole, or probation. Any person listed on a sex offender list will not be chosen.


If you are interested in applying for a rental property please give us a call at (801) 599-4836 or email us at phil.blair@century21.com.