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15 Reasons Salt Lake City Is a Great Place to Live

Are you ready for a change and itching to pack up and move? Salt Lake City, Utah is undoubtedly a great place for outdoor lovers, sportsmen, families, singles, tech moguls among others.

Below are some of the reasons you should consider moving to this wonderful city.

1. Jobs are Easy to Find

When driving around Salt Lake City, you’ll see many office buildings come up. In fact, a research study shows there’re currently over 20,000 jobs on offer. The Lehi area, which is just half an hour south of downtown Salt Lake, has recently transformed to become a haven for technology companies.

According to research, the current unemployment rate stands at a mere 2.9%. Furthermore, its economy has over the last 2 years grown to become the second highest in America.

2. Salt Lake City Views are Amazing

You’ll get awesome views from anywhere in the Salt Lake City. The view of the sun rising over the Wasatch mountain range in the East and setting over the Oquirrh mountain and the Greta Salt Lake to the West is truly breathtaking.

In fact, it is for this reason that properties in areas such as Cottonwood Heights, Olympus Cove, Holladay, Sandy, and Draper are a bit more costly.

Wasatch mountain

3. Residents are very Friendly

Life becomes very comfortable when the majority of people you run into everyday are happy, courteous, and friendly. To better illustrate this, results from research showed that Salt Lake City ranks second in this regard.

4. Salt Lake City Traffic is by No Means Utopian

The traffic situation is pretty mild especially when compared to Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

5. There are Great Restaurants

No matter which part of the town you want to live in, you’ll find a slew of great restaurants. Eating joints range from formal sit-down dining options to local burger joints.

In the recent past, Salt Lake City restaurants have received quite a bit of attention from the Travel Channel and the Food Network for their delicious meals. Some of the restaurants to check out while in Salt Lake City include;

  • Tin Roof Grill
  • Penny Ann’s Cafe
  • Red Iguana
  • Porcupine Pub and Grille
  • Market Street Grill
  • Root’s Cafe

6. It’s very Affordable to Live in Salt Lake City

SLC-homeSalt Lake City homes are some of the nation’s most affordable. For instance, you can still find a home going for sale for under $200,000. Regardless of the area you’re searching for, you’ll quickly find that homes are reasonably priced.

Getting a chance to live in the shadows of the picturesque mountains without having to pay such a hefty premium is certainly an added bonus. Nonetheless, this is fast changing given the rapid growth being experienced.

7. The Weather Is Great

It is exciting and never gets boring. Only a handful of other cities can actually compare.

Although the low humidity may be a bit hard on the skin and hair, it helps keep the summer temperatures from feeling too hot and winter temperatures from feeling too cold.

8. The Nightlife Is Spectacular

Recently, many new clubs, bars, and concert avenues have sprung up. Every time the sun goes down, there’s always something going on in Salt Lake City.

9. Crime Rate Is Exponentially Low

Moving to Salt Lake City is a wise move if you want a safe place to raise your family.

It is known for its friendly people, beautiful mountains, and wide, clean downtown streets. Making it an ideal tourist destination as well as a great place to call home.

According to crime stats, the Salt Lake’s east side and southwest part are quite safe.

10. Salt Lake City Residents Love Sports

There’re a couple of major sports teams, both college and professional. If you are an NBA basketball fan, you’ll surely find living in the city great. Moreover, there’s the Real Salt Lake soccer for soccer fans.

11. Traveling to/from is Easy

SLC-airportIt’s a pain to live away from a major airport especially if you travel quite often. The Salt Lake City International Airport makes it super easy to travel to and from.

The Salt Lake City airport is Delta Airlines Largest Hub in the West. It will not only make your traveling to other destinations easy but it will also make the cost of your flights a bit less compared to if you lived in a city without an international airport.

The government is in the process of upgrading the SLC airport into a modern, state-of-the-art airport.

12. Mountains are Close by

Salt Lake City is blessed to have so many stunning mountains that are so close and easy to get to. You’re guaranteed great mountain views from pretty much anywhere in the valley, from the Wasatch mountains on the east to the Oquirrh mountains to the west. It only takes about a half an hour drive when you want to escape the city or suburban life.

Better yet, you’ll probably need to drive 10-15 minutes until you’re in the mountains if you live on the east side of the Salt Lake [Sandy, Cottonwood Heights, Olympus Cove, and Holladay].

13. Natural Playground

Salt Lake City’s national parks provide a vast playground for adventure sports, hiking, mountain biking and, of course, skiing and snowshoeing. Moreover, the arid desert and mountains provide a spectacular setting for bird-watching. There’s always something to do.

Thanks to the Winter Olympics held in 2002, Salt Lake City has a state-of-the-art running track and skating rink at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns and Olympic Park in Park City.

14. Best Snow

skiingResidents love skiing in the snow. Some even say Salt Lake City’s snow has the perfect moisture and density.

To better illustrate the pride Salt Lake City takes in its skiing and snow, within an hour’s drive, there’re a whopping nine resorts for the city of nearly 200,000.

During the summer, a number of the resorts offer hiking, wall climbing, mountain biking, fishing and rafting trips.


15. Quality Education

For post-secondary education, the University of Utah and Brigham Young University lead the way, followed by Western Governors University.

According to Wallet hub, Salt Lake City is ranked the 32nd most educated city in America.