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Salt Lake City busAs a Salt Lake City business we’re proud of our city. Besides being the capital of the most populous state in the US, Salt Lake City boasts of unique characteristics that make it a favorite location for property investors, homeowners, and tourists. These include the Mormons, spectacular landscapes, major winter storms, and thriving cultural scenery. All these traits provide some excellent activities worth trying out in Salt Lake City.

The Temple Square

Link: http://www.templesquare.com/

Location: Temple Square

One of the widely favored locations in Salt Lake City is the 10 acres Temple Square. The three-block plaza houses about twenty majestic attractions, all of which are related to the Mormon Church. Some of these features include the Pedestal, the Reflection Pool, the Observation Deck, The Family History Library, Conference Center, the Joseph Smith Memorial, and the State Street. While there, you will learn about the history of the Mormon Church and how it developed into what it is today.

The Temple is free to enter and opens for guests every day from 9 am to 9 pm. Furthermore, every Sunday morning and Thursday evening the Mormon Tabernacle Choir hosts a concert and choir rehearsals respectively.

The Leonardo Museum

Link: http://www.theleonardo.org

Location: The Leonardo

If you want a fun and informative museum, which has interactive exhibits, and features a wealth of content from the leading and widely respected NASA scientists, then you ought to check out The Leonardo. The museum offers a unique and spectacular way for visitors to explore the mysteries of science, art, technology, and creativity connect. The Leonardo offers the nine themed Alien Worlds and Android environments, that display; modern robotics, the human micro biome, full-size replicas of Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit, Cyborgs, as well as interstellar travel equipment. The museum opens every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Salt Lake City Public Library

Link: http://www.slcpl.org/

Location: Salt Lake City Public Library

Whether you are a bookworm or you simply love watching stunning structural designs, visiting the Public Library is something woSalt Lake City libraryrth doing. Besides having over five hundred thousand exciting books to read, the library has beautiful architectural designs that provide excellent photo shoot backdrops. Furthermore, there are plenty of shops, on-site cafes, and a refreshing botanic garden. All of which make this public library the perfect place to relax and unwind. The facility charges no admission fee and is open every day of the week.

Go Skiing

Thanks to the icy climate and proximity to Utah’s best slopes, skiing is a favorite pass time for many Salt Lake City dwellers and visitors. In fact, hills like the Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude and the Alta are world-class ski areas, which attract thousands of fun seekers throughout the year. For instance, during the icy weather, they are perfect for skiing, while in warmer seasons they offer the ideal setting to engage in hiking, biking, zip lining, as well as fishing. There is a reliable lift to take skiers to the hilltops. These lifts open at nine in the morning, but for you to ride you need a ticket that costs anywhere from twenty-six to ninety-eight dollars.

Hogle Zoo

Link: https://www.hoglezoo.org/

Location: Hogle Zoo

Located in the east of the University of Utah is the Hogle Zoo. The zoo is home to over eight hundred animals, which include rhinos, birds, elephants, and much more. If you wish, you can get up close and personal with the animals and even get to feed them. You will have to spend extra for that experience. The zoo has a friendly and well-informed staff who will guide you to make your experience a memorable one.

Giraffe at Hogle Zoo

It opens its doors for guests from 9 am each day. The closing time, however, varies depending on the season. The admission fee also varies depending on the date of the year, though, on average adults pay between twelve to fifteen dollars, while kids pay between nine and eleven dollars.

Go shopping at the City Creek Center

Link: http://www.shopcitycreekcenter.com/

Location: City Creek Center

If you want the ultimate shopping experience, Salt Lake City’s City Creek Center guarantees you an excellent one-of-a-kind shopping adventure. It is a premier fashion and dining destination located in the heart of the city. The retail centerpiece houses over 110 specialty stores, retailers, and restaurants. Some of the structures in the center include the upscale open-air market, commercial and residential buildings, as well as the fountain and simulated creek. Thanks to its pedestrian-friendly design, you will have a lovely time shopping and sightseeing within the center.

Salt Lake City has a variety of activities you can take part in. If you’re ever looking for something to do try one of these activities and we’re sure you’ll be entertained. If ever you’re looking for real estate or a property manager in Salt Lake City we would love to hear from you!