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West Valley City Property Management Services

We Can Help You Manage Your Investment in West Valley City


Home in West Valley CityAre you looking for an excellent property manager in West Valley City? In that case, look no further, because you’ve arrived at the right place!  

Century 21 Everest is a full-service property management company that has been servicing West Valley City and the surrounding areas of Salt Lake City, Kearns, Cottonwood Heights, Sandy, Provo, Ogden, and surrounding areas in Utah for over a decade. 

Regardless of whether you’re located in Utah or are investing from outside the state, our team of professional property managers are always here to help. We manage a diverse portfolio of properties, from multi-unit residential apartments and single-unit residential homes, to condos and town homes. 

Our team of experienced property managers’ primary goal is to ensure that your investment is being taken care of so that you can spend your time enjoying what you like to do. Read more about the services we offer and give us a call to book your free consultation today!




At Century 21 Everest, our team of professional and experienced property managers’  primary goal is to get the best-possible return on your West Valley City rental property.  With our team managing your rental properties, you will be totally at ease, with full knowledge that your  investment is in the best and the safest hands. We handle your property as if it was our own.

With decades of experience, our property management team  is able to use their valuable knowledge and expertise to help your reach your financial milestones, thus allowing you to free-up your time. As a result, you can spend your valuable time focusing on other activities.


As your property manager in West Valley City and its environs, our mission is to keep your valuable investment property maintained, and to keep it occupied with high quality tenants. We collect the rents, manage budget improvements, maintain your  records and undertake any other tasks that may arise.


We realize that a vacant property generates costs, but no revenue. We put great effort into advertising your rental property to get it occupied.  Our tools include special marketing programs and promotions, unique advertising strategies, and  the placement of attractive “For Rent” yard signs to catch the attention of passers-by. Our intention is to keep your rental property occupied by high-quality tenants at all times.


We understand that troublesome tenants can , and do, cause great loss of time and income. At Century 21 Everest, we put every prospective tenant through a thorough screening system before we hand them over the keys to your rental property. Our attention to detail greatly reduces, the probability of having to deal with difficult tenants.



We understand that late and missing rent payments cause undesirable setbacks.  We have a professional collection policy to ensure that tenants pay the monthly rent on time. To help avoid missed and late payments of rent, tenants now have access to a  monthly payment system that can be easily accessed online.


Regular property inspections are essential to keeping your property in good condition. In addition to the standard moving-in, moving-out and periodic inspections, we occasionally conduct surprise inspections to see to it that your tenants are upholding the terms of their lease.


Generally speaking, the structures and outdoor areas, such as the electrical and plumbing system, landscaping, walls, pools, appliances etc. are complex. They can differ markedly from one state to another, and from one type of climate to another as well.  Each property requires a different approach to physical management.

As your property management company, our job is to maintain healthy relationships with both repair companies and contractors and get the best possible services at the lowest-possible prices. We strive to protect your investment’s value by budgeting and  monitoring the quality of all maintenance costs and repair work.


To avoid becoming a liability, every property must uphold all the listed norms and requirements required by the local, state and Federal governments. This includes escrow management, maintenance of operating licenses for the county, keeping meticulous records of tax payments and accounting, among other requisites. In addition,  all tenant activities and interactions must also be recorded and stored carefully for specified time periods.

For financial functions, several states have specific requirements in place to manage funds paid by the renters for disbursement to the owners. At Century 21 Everest , we are extremely proud to meet all requirements for state licensing to manage your rental investment properties.



Evicting tenants is an uncomfortable task, to say the least. While we do everything possible to avoid having to evict tenants, we will take care of the eviction process should it become necessary.  Our team is well-versed in state laws concerning tenant-eviction. Should we discover that a tenant is not upholding the terms of lease, our staff will  undertake any and all necessary steps to reduce costs, evict the current tenant and replace them with a new one.

Some of Our Reviews

This is a company that truly cares about their clients. They spend a ton of time coaching and training the agents to be the best that they can be. This enables the agents to give the best customer service to their clients. I have never seen a company more committed to the success of their agents. Russ O.

Century 21 Everest Realty Group is an excellent and highly professional company. They go above and beyond to make sure the client is being taken care of and the transaction will be handled in a professional manner. I would highly recommend working with them. Rob O.

This is one of the best brokerages in their market. They take the time to properly train and supervise agents. They have a great diversity of agents, who can provide expertise in any area. They also invest in technology and research to make working with them simpler and more efficient. Sam B.

About West Valley City, Utah

In Salt Lake County, you will find West Valley City, the second largest city in the state of Utah. West Valley has an estimated total area of about 35.5 square miles, out of which a mere 0.1 square miles comprises of water. The city has a population of over one hundred and thirty thousand residents who enjoy life in the bustling business, recreation and entertainment epicenter. Looking at the history of West Valley City, Utah there is no doubt that it has come a long way and it certainly lives up to its maxim of “Progress as Promised.”

The city’s origin dates back to 1848 when Joseph Harker and his family cut across the Jordan River into the land presently known as West Valley City. Joseph and his wife Susana camped there and named the place “Over Jordan.” Referring to the area west of the River Jordan. Soon, other pioneer families followed suit resulting in the emergence of four separate communities of Granger, Redwood, Hunter, and Chesterfield. Granger, which had around one thousand residents was the first area to major in agricultural and irrigation systems. They drained water from the Jordan River to aid with the farming efforts.

Hunter took the cue in 1881 but specialized in the farming of fruit trees. Soon the other communities too caught up. Each of these four areas began to experience exponential growth in infrastructure, road networks, housing, education systems, business centers, as well as interurban rail lines, which connected the areas. However, they remained separate communities. It was not until July 1st, 1980, that they merged to form the present-day West Valley City Utah.

West Valley City, beams with an exceptional sense of community pride. It has an ethnically diverse population out of which 45% are non-English natives. In fact, the Utah Cultural Celebration Center exists primarily to help leverage and celebrate the positive aspects of the diverse community. Besides the great neighbors, the city boasts of impressive recreational facilities, affordable housing for the residents, low delinquency and unemployment rates, as well as convenient business amenities and services.